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Water Heater Pilot Light Keeps Going Out in Your Woodstock Home: What to Do

Your water heater’s pilot light plays an essential role in heating your Woodstock, GA, home’s water. However, when its flame goes out, your unit can’t heat water efficiently, leaving you without warm water for hours or longer. So, what do you do if your water heater pilot light keeps going out?

To answer this question, Quick-Pro Plumbing wrote this guide to teach you what to do if your water heater pilot light goes out.

Quick-Pro Plumbing is one of Woodstock, GA’s leading water heater repair companies. Its team offers high-quality water heater repair, installation, and maintenance services that will have your system as good as new again without delay. If you need first-class water heaters in Woodstock, GA, contact Quick-Pro Plumbing.

What Is a Pilot Light?

A pilot light ignites your water heater’s burner and allows it to generate hot water throughout your home. When you turn on your unit, the gas supply ignites the pilot light flame and enables it to create warm water.

The pilot light is one of the most important elements of a hot water heater. Without it, your water heater becomes obsolete and can’t function properly.

Common Reasons Your Pilot Light Keeps Going Out and What to Do for Each Situation

Pilot lights go out for several reasons. Below are some common reasons your water heater pilot light keeps going out and what to do when it does.

Faulty Thermocouple

Your water heater’s thermocouple senses your pilot light’s flame and provides gas when needed. Dirty or faulty thermocouples can’t detect the pilot light’s condition, causing it to go out randomly. Always ensure your thermocouple works properly if your system’s pilot light goes out.

Too Much or Too Little Air

Pilot lights need a specific amount of air to function optimally. Too much air will blow its flame out, while too little won’t allow it to burn. Always ensure your pilot light has sufficient air to ensure its flame stays lit.

Main Control Valve Issues

Sometimes a water heater’s control valve breaks and extinguishes the pilot light’s flame. The main control valve opens and closes the gas supply based on the unit’s temperature setting. If it doesn’t work properly, it can’t provide gas to the pilot light, causing its flame to go out.

However, it’s best to hire a professional to assess and fix your main control valve since it can create a safety hazard. Professionals take several safety precautions when repairing main control valves, ensuring a safe process.

Contact Quick-Pro Plumbing for Professional Water Heater Repair Services in Woodstock, GA

If your water heater pilot light keeps going out and requires professional repair services, contact Quick-Pro Plumbing. Its team can handle all your water heater repair, installation, and maintenance needs at a price that won’t stress your budget. Whether you need to fix a broken water heater access panel or want professional maintenance, Quick-Pro Plumbing is here for you.

Give Quick-Pro Plumbing a call and receive first-class water heater repair services in Woodstock, GA, today!

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