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Tankless Water Heaters in Woodstock, GA

Contact our licensed plumbers at Quick-Pro Plumbing today for the repair or replacement of tankless water heaters in Woodstock, GA.

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If you have a smaller home, traditional hot water heaters with storage tanks might take up too much space. Our licensed plumbers at Quick-Pro Plumbing can help you compare pricing and installation on tankless water heaters in Woodstock, GA. Tankless hot water heaters offer nearly instant hot water anywhere in your home without storing hot water in a large, bulky tank.

Whether you need repair or replacement of your hot water heater, call us today at Quick-Pro Plumbing for water heater services.

Benefits of a Tankless Hot Water Heater

A tankless type of water heater offers several benefits over traditional water heaters. Homes with tankless water heaters in Woodstock, GA, can have a nearly unlimited supply of hot water from any appliance, faucet, or showerhead. Other benefits include:

  • Tankless water heaters often have approximately double the useful life of a traditional tank water heater
  • Compact wall-mounted water heater takes up less space than a traditional water heater with a storage tank
  • Tankless water heaters use less energy and have lower energy costs than traditional tank water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters may qualify you for energy tax credits
  • A Zillow study indicated that homes with tankless water heaters sold (on average) for 4% higher than the asking price

Whether you want to upgrade to a new tankless water heater system or need repairs or replacement of an older tankless system in your home, our licensed plumbers at Quick-Pro Plumbing can inspect your home and get you a quote with our award-winning fast response times.

Gas vs. Electric Water Heaters

Gas and electric water heaters both have their own pros and cons. If your home doesn’t already have a gas supply and hookup, you might need to install the appropriate supply line and ventilation system. If you choose electric, you may need to upgrade your electric panel to handle the additional load on your system.

While electric-powered tankless water heaters will heat quickly enough for a small home, larger homes with several family members should consider a gas-powered water heater for nearly instant hot water from any tap in the home.

Gas tankless water heaters offer lower energy costs than electric but often require more maintenance for more complex systems. Electric systems cost more to operate but offer easier installation and less frequent maintenance.

Do you need an inspection of your home’s natural gas pipes? Contact us today for natural gas pipe services, including inspection, installation, and repair.

Contact the Licensed Plumbers at Quick-Pro Plumbing to Go Tankless in Woodstock

At Quick-Pro Plumbing, we have served our neighbors in Woodstock since 2008, offering super-fast response times, industry-leading warranties, and our customer satisfaction guarantee on all water heater repair, replacement, and installation services.

Call us today at Quick-Pro Plumbing at 678-478-1534 for questions or inspections of tankless water heaters in Woodstock, GA. We’re happy to inspect, quote, and recommend tankless hot water heaters suitable for your home’s needs.

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