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Six Possible Causes of an Unexplained High Water Usage in Your Woodstock Home

You're not only the homeowner living in Woodstock, GA, who's experienced an unexplained high water usage. If your water bills this month looks shockingly high, you need to find the cause!

As Woodstock's leak detection experts, Quick-Pro Plumbing, are here to explain six potential reasons for this common issue and how your appliances and water use habits add to excessive water usage in your home.

Causes of an Unexplained Spiking Water Usage

Excessive water usage not only takes more money out of your pocket but also contributes to wasted water. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, households lose 180 gallons of water each week. Once you know what's contributing to your higher-than-normal water usage, you can take appropriate steps to decrease it, either by changing your habits or fixing a plumbing issue.

Here are some potential causes for excessively high water usage:

1. Leaky Faucets

It's vital to resolve faucet leaks, big or small, as they quickly add to excessive water usage and bills. You can quickly resolve these leaks with the help of your local plumbing professionals. Even a slowly dripping faucet can waste gallons every day.

Remember to check for leaks throughout your property from time to time. Catching leaks early will prevent them from getting worse and you from spending more money. 

2. Leaky Washing Machines

Hidden leaks from washing machines are all too common, as they're not easily visible, especially when tucked in a closet or basement. An older appliance is more likely to leak and can waste a significant amount of money. Think about switching to a newer, more energy-efficient washer if you're overdue for a suitable replacement. 

Even if your washing machine isn't currently leaking, you can still take measures to stop your appliance from adding more than necessary to your water usage. Front-loading washing machines use less energy and water than top-loading machines.

Remember to check around the base of your washing machine for any pooling water. You could have wet floors, damaged walls, or destroyed furniture if the leaking water spreads too far. 

3. Leaky Toilets

Besides causing water damage to your bathroom and other areas of your home, a toilet leak may waste thousands of gallons of water and hundreds of dollars. You could use that money for a reliable plumbing repair service or to purchase a new, leak-free toilet. When you invest in the upgrading of your plumbing system, you'll also add to your property value. 

4. Water Waste

Plenty of water-wasting habits may contribute to high water bills, so reflecting on your own is a good place to start to address unexplained high water usage. If you water your lawn frequently, cutting down on your routine might help with your bills and consumption. Rainwater could provide your grass with the water it needs, so overrunning your sprinkler system is often unnecessary.

Handwashing dishes, running too-small loads of laundry, and leaving water running during mundane activities all waste several gallons of water. While we may take having constant access to running water for granted, it's essential to monitor your habits and make changes as necessary.

Some other tips include taking shorter showers (under five minutes) and thawing frozen meat without any hot water. You should also take care of any plumbing problems. Doing all of these tasks should make a difference for your water usage in your Woodstock home.

5. Leaky Pipes

Anytime you suspect leaky pipes or faulty plumbing, you should call a reputable plumber in your area. Some warning signs of these issues are

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Musty smells
  • Brown- or yellow-colored water
  • Bubbling paint

Some leaks stay hidden for a while and contribute to high water usage the longer you don't address them.

6. Malfunctioning Water Meter

If you've examined all other avenues, you may have heavy water usage due to a problematic water meter. The meter could give off an incorrect reading if it's outdated or unable to handle your home's conditions. You can either check with your local plumbing or water company to fix the meter.

Contact Quick-Pro Plumbing for Woodstock Plumbing Services

From water leaks in walls to expensive water bills, Quick-Pro Plumbing helps many Woodstock, GA, homeowners deal with their plumbing concerns. When your water consumption and bills have gone up more than you'd like, expert plumbers are here to provide top-quality services for fair prices. 

Let Quick-Pro Plumbing get the bottom of your unexplained high water usage by booking a service appointment today.

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