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How to Know Your Hot Water Heater Is Broken: 5 Signs

It’s never convenient for your water heater to stop working. However, hot weather heaters often have multiple warning signs indicating they require attention. These signs range from inconsistent temperatures to discolored water.

If you’re wondering how to know your water heater is broken, rely on a professional team of plumbers who regularly inspect water heaters in Woodstock, GA, for optimal clarity. In the meantime, continue reading to explore five signs your unit needs attention. 

1. Cold Water or Fluctuating Temperatures 

One of the first ways to tell your water heater tank isn’t working is if your water isn’t heating up or fluctuates between providing water that is only warm, never hot, or always cold. Sometimes, this signals a problem with the tank’s heating elements. At other times, it may point to a broken temperature gauge. 

2. Noticeable Leaks Near the Water Tank

Another warning of failure is water pooling at the base of your gas water heater. Sometimes, leaks slowly drip from pipes or out of the tank. You must call experts if you notice any water buildup near your water tank.

3. Poor Pressure

Low water pressure typically points to a problem with your water heater. Poor pressure may be due to a buildup within your heater’s supply lines. Only a professional can flush your supply line to make sure.

4. Loud, Strange Sounds Coming From the Water Heater

If you hear loud noises from your pipes or water heater, you need to call an expert immediately. You’ll often hear rumbling or loud popping noises from a faulty heater, indicating the unit needs attention and may be close to failing. 

5. Discoloration in the Water

The final sign that shows your hot water tank may be broken is the presence of cloudy particles or discoloration in your water that is rusty in appearance. If this is the case, you likely require a replacement anode rod. 

The anode rod consists of wires and uses minerals to prevent corrosion in your water heater. If your heater’s anode rod is worn, a professional plumber knows how to determine if this is why the heater is broken.


You’re not alone if you’re still unsure how to know your water heater is broken or how to move forward if it is. Below are some answers to the most commonly asked questions. 

If a hot water tank requires complete replacement, which is the best option to consider? 

Choose a hot water tank that’s high in efficiency. Such tanks provide more hot water while using up to 50% less energy than standard models.

How often should your hot water heat receive professional maintenance?

For the best functioning water heater and plumbing, try to schedule hot water tank inspections at least once yearly.

Hire Hot Water Tank Professionals

Only trust trained experts in treating your hot water tank at the sign of any malfunctions.

Quick-Pro Plumbing is your trusted plumbing team in Woodstock, GA. So, instead of wondering how to know your hot water tank is broken, hire their expert team for a thorough inspection today! 

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